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April 30, 2020


Beloved Saints of St. David's,


Peace be with you as we move into May - another month away from each other, but united nevertheless in heart and mind and spirit! We are a strong and resilient community of faith.


It's a Zoom life here at the Rectory. We have 3 Wyatts all negotiating for space for online meetings. In addition to connecting with St. David's folks - and our 'Virtual Vestry' - online, I have regular meetings with Diocesan staff and clergy, and with national Church clergy and leaders.


We at St. David's are experimenting with new ways to be church in this time. We had already been calling ourselves an 'Incubator for Mission' ... we just didn't expect this particular laboratory! We had planned a new 'creative' worship service ... who knew it would be online! 


We now have the capacity to integrate music pre-recorded by members of our Choir with Lectors and Intercessors speaking from their own homes on Zoom with prayers and reflections filmed (with I Phones!) on Facebook Live in the sanctuary. Amazing. I am grateful to Andrea and Joe Hutnak and Chuck Wyatt for their support in these experiments! 


To paraphrase Psalm 137: "How can we sing the Lord's song in this foreign land?" We do find ourselves in unexpected territory! As 'sheltering at home' continues, we continue to find ways to connect with each other using technology. It's not perfect. We're not able to reach everybody, but we use the tools we have in a time of crisis. How can we BE church in a new way?  


We will begin a new feature on Sunday, May 3rd during our 10:00 Morning Prayer service - streaming live on the St. David's Facebook page - called 'Voices of St. David's.' During this time of separation, it is so important to find ways to stay connected to each other! We are inviting our Saints, one per week, to share a brief update, focusing on how your connection to St. David's has transformed your life and ministry as a disciple of Christ. Please contact Rosemary Soscia, Fred Malaby or Sue Hurn is you would like to offer a brief greeting/reflection.


How can we BE church in a new way? Well, our St. David's Stewardship Team met on Zoom this week to begin an engaging conversation on the book Not Your Parent's Offering Plate by J. Clif Christopher. And next Wednesday, May 13th, our Meditation Circle will come together virtually at 6:30 for some peaceful space and support. Zoom link invitations for this event as well as the invitation for our weekly Friday night coffee hour and prayer group were mailed to parishioners. Please use the electronic link in the invitations to join each event. 


Please know you are very much in my prayers in this time of sheltering at home. I pray especially for those in loss or grief, those working on the front lines as medical staff or essential workers, and those losing income due to this pandemic. Please call me (508-259-7501) if I can be supportive in any way.

Please keep up with your giving to St. David's, especially as the spring fundraisers we planned to support our budget cannot happen. Online giving is especially helpful right now; I invite you to consider transferring your giving to an automatic bank payment to ease the strain on our volunteer counting teams.


Please be in touch with the Church Office if you need beautiful cloth face masks - the Rev. Barbara Mays-Stock has been keeping us well supplied! Thank you, Barbara!


In summary: Two special invitations - for Friday evening 'Conversation and Compline' and for Wednesday evening 'Meditation Circle.'


Rev. Andrea 



Rev. Andrea Wyatt invites you to scheduled Zoom meetings. 

Wednesday Evening Meditation Circle:  Please Join us on

Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m..


Rev. Andrea Wyatt invites you to scheduled Zoom meetings.

Friday Evening Conversation and Compline. Please join us on Friday evenings at 7 p.m.  

Maundy Thursday Reflection for April 2020    

    by Andrea Hutnak

Video - Click here:  Maundy Thursday reflection

by Andrea Hutnak

Text -    Click here.

Our resident librarian, Andrea Hutnak has graciously put together a few more resources for our time apart-but-still-together. I offer her message here:


"While we're apart as a church family we can still pray together and also take the opportunity to become more familiar with praying the Daily Office which includes Morning Prayer, Noonday prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline. Each short service can be found in the Online Book of Common Prayer. Click on Daily Office Lectionary to find the collect and readings for the day OR go to The Lectionary Page and click on the month and calendar day to find the day's readings.


Or you could listen (including music!) at    One click gets you started, then click on the arrows to play the audio.


Not sure how to begin? The Daily Office Tutorial is a great resource to learn more about the Daily Office:  "We will take you through every Daily Office service in the Book of Common Prayer step by step, page number by page number, so that you can learn this beautiful, ancient, scriptural, and rhythmic pattern of prayer, and in so doing, join the countless throngs of ages past and present day who around the world and across the centuries offer up their prayer to God using these same words."


Thank you, Andrea! And thank you to our Choir, who rehearsed before we made the decision to close. 

Peace be with you, and let us know how we can help,

Rev. Andrea

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Our Holidays on-the-Hill Bazaar (See story here.) is but one example of the many ways the upper hall can be adopted for almost any purpose. We welcome interested parties to visit us and see what we can offer.

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