Happenings of Note

2017 Sunday School Graduation followed by Lawnside Barbecue                             photos by Cheryl Boscia

Easter at St. David's

Lent Begins: Fat Tuesday was celebrated in style on Feb. 28, as the upstairs hall was converted into a Mardi Gras Bingo Parlor. St. David's Preschool organized a festive evening with prizes, concessions, free throw beads, 50/50 raffle, and a dozen bingo games, for more than 100 happy participants. What a great way to kick-start Lent! All proceeds are for the benefit of the parish. Thanks to all who took part.

Annual Meeting, 1/29/17:  Fr. Lane thanked departing Vestry members Jim Belluscio, Paula Bolig, Cort Clarke, Deb Davison, and Ben Sprows. The congregation voted in the new Vestry members Norly Germain, Sue Greenbacker, Joe Hutnak and Andy White. Sue Hurn is Senior Warden, Frank Pellegrino is Jr. Warden, Grace Malaby is Treasurer, and Rhonda Knight is Clerk. 

Epiphany Celebration Commemorating the epiphany of the Wise Men who came to worship the Christ Child and experienced the presence of God in the star that rose from the east, St. David's youth gave another stellar recreation of Jesus' birth at the 10 am service Sunday, Jan. 15.  Watch the Pageant here.

Christmas Eve

Candlelight Service

Christmas Morning at St. David's

Blessing of the
Animals 10/1/16
300 Come Together
to "Lead and Learn." 4/23/16

St. Mary's Church and Conference Center in Portsmouth, Rhode Island was the scene of the "Lead and Learn" Program on Saturday, April 23, geared for parishioners and clergy from the Diocese who are involved in any way with communicating to others. After a welcome and introduction by Bishop Knisely, attendees broke out into workshops on specific topics: How to tell our church stories, website management and design, creating content with photographs, using the media to best advantage, church publications in the 21st Century, and social media. 

St. Mary's later years:  At the April 17 "Faith and Beliefs Q & A" session of the Sundays at 9 a.m. Religious Education series, the question of what happened to Mary after the Resurrection was posed. It is believed that St. John the Evangelist accompanied Mary to Kusadasi, a region outside of Ephesus in Turkey. There she occupied a house, which stands to this day. It was in this house that she lived out the rest of her years on earth. The city of Ephesus itself was a cultural hub of the Mediterranean coast. Ruins of the city have been excavated and preserved into the present time.  It was in the Ephesus amphitheater that St. Paul addressed the Ephesians about Jesus Christ, his life and message. Here are pictures of the House of the Virgin Mary and its surroundings, including the wall where petitioners still post their requests to St. Mary for special favors. Here too are the remains of the ancient, bustling city of Ephesus, including its library and the amphitheater.

Fr. Peter Lane on Doubt, and why it's healthy to ask questions; sermon of April 3, 2016

Bishop Knisely at St. David's, Feb. 28, 2016

Annual Meeting:  Sunday, Jan. 31. The 10 a.m. service has concluded, and parishioners file into the upper hall for the Annual Meeting. This is the forum for diagnosing,  and reporting on, St. David's health, financial and otherwise. Judging from the number of attendees, and the active interest expressed by many of them, there exists much good will and optimism for our future.


Yes, there is an operational deficit. Yes, the church endowment has steadily been eroded by not infrequent reliance on our "nestegg" to pay the bills for necessary and unavoidable facility upkeep. Yet as representives of the various church ministries give program summaries and invitations to parishioners to join in their work,  you get the sense that there is interest, even enthusiasm, to stay afloat and progressive in this, the start of St. D's second century.


Here are faces of some of those in attendance; expressions of concern, some with a wrinkle of worry, some with a hint of detachment, many with the sheen of affection and allegiance. Maybe you're here too.

Annual Meeting

Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016

Epiphany Pageant: The Story of the Birth of Jesus

Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016

Scenes from

a Bazaar

Nov. 14, 2015

All Saints Day,

Nov.  1, 2015

Opening March:

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Seven years ago Norly and Anie Germaine arrived on St. David's doorstep, with little more than the clothes on their backs, looking for a house of worship to join. They were dealing with the loss of their native home and many of their family in Haiti, a country beset with political turmoil and devastating seismic changes that left much of the country in rubble. On Thursday, October 29, 2015, Anie took the oath of citizenship of the United States of America, but one of the many achievements she and Norly have made in their long journey of survival and redemption. Join Anie and Norly, their three children, Oliver, Kyle, and Nolan, Fr. Peter, some of the couple's St. David's friends, and the many other applicants who assembled at the United States Citizen and Immigration Services buiding in Johnston, Rhode Island, for the emotional swearing-in ceremony. It represents the beginning of the next chapter in the lives of a courageous and gifted couple and their family in their new home and newly-adopted country.