Fr. Peter Lane

Parishioners and friends bid goodbye to the clergyman who for almost six years has steered St. David's on its daily journey and on its path to the future. Rev. Peter Lane ended his tenure here as Priest-in-Charge on Sunday, June 18, with a final service at 10 am, reception following, and a 60th birthday salute to boot. This came after the Saturday night gala when 150 people gathered in the lower and upper halls to celebrate Fr. Peter's assignment at St. David's with a 

gourmet dinner, a few speeches, some gifts with a local flavor, a video retrospective, a skit featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson contemplating  his departure, a goodbye from St. D's children, some songs by St. D's Choir, and more than a few moist eyes. As he plans his family's re-location to Tampa, Florida, the Vestry prepares for the process of finding a replacement. But for this weekend, all thoughts were on the many ways Fr. Peter has affected St. David's the church, and formed relationships with his flock that have touched hearts and fashioned permanent memories. All the best to Fr. Peter, Kate, Sarah and Jacob in the next chapter of their lives.