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"Hope and Change for Haiti" Mission Progressing

The Baptistes in Their Present and Future Homes

Thanks to your generous support and thanks to all who attended our First Annual "Engage for Change" Gala fundraiser, we were able to raise enough money to build a three bedrooms house for another family among 70 who lost their home during hurricane Matthew that destroyed the southern region of Haiti on October 4-6, 2016.

Fred Jean-Baptiste is the recipient of the 2nd house built by Hope and Change for Haiti in this program.  With this three bedrooms house, he gets his dignity and pride back after living in a shoddy  and unsafe place for the last two years. To solve another problem for this family we want to build a cistern of 15000 gallon capacity alongside of the new house. To do so, we are seeking to raise $1500. We kindly ask for your support to help us to reach our goal. Please click HERE to contribute for the construction of the cistern. Thank you for your continued support to Hope and Change for Haiti

Dr. Norly Germain
Hope and Change for Haiti

Hope and Change for Haiti [HCH] is on its way to a second anniversary. Click here for details.

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