St. David's on-the-Hill 'Windows Into Our Future' Campaign

We have long enjoyed the comforts of our church home, and shared it with members of our community — especially our halls. As you know, we rely upon our Upper Hall for rental income, and it has served us well in that capacity. However, the windows in that portion of our parish home have been a point of concern for some time — not only within our congregation, but among some renters, and also, notably, Diocesan leadership. We are asking all who are able to contribute to this cause.

Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 in two phases that we have established through a competitive bidding process for the work:

  • Phase I, our more urgent and impactful goal, will replace our existing windows with 12 durable replacement units — fit to serve our parish for another generation. Our goal is raising $20,000 by the end of January, 2019, to take advantage of the favorable quote we have been provided, address our safety issue, and begin saving energy.

  • Our stretch goal is an additional $10,000 for Phase II, replacing all remaining windows on the western portion of the church building, including the administrative offices and kitchen.


We have already begun work toward this goal with our recent comedy night fundraiser – that effort alone raised about $7,000, providing a strong start for our campaign; in addition, the Rhode Island State Senate has approved St. David’s for a legislative grant of $1,000. Combined with parishioner donations thus far, this totals nearly $10,000 toward our goal!

We ask that you prayerfully consider what you can provide to successfully complete this project in time to take advantage of the quote we have received for Phase I.


You can make your online pledge for our Windows Into Our Future campaign by clicking the blue link below, and set up online payments at the bottom of this page.


Rev. Andrea and the St. David’s on-the-Hill Vestry

Online donations to 'Windows Into Our Future'

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